What is Neemastra

Neemastra is Natural Insecticide / Pesticide


  1. 200 Liter water
  2. 10 Liter Cow Urine
  3. 2 Kg Desi Cow Dung
  4. 10 Kg Neem Leaves and Stems 


Time to Preparation
Morning  Or Evening

How to Prepare

  1. Mix all the components. Stir clockwise.
  2. Shaded Place. Not expose to Sunlight / Rain.
  3. Cover with Cloth

Preparation Time
Keep it for 48 hours. Stir twice in a day

After 48 hours ready for usage.

Quality / Shelf Life
maximum 6 months

Pest Control
Neemastra Control Caterpillar
Neemastra Control Sucking Pests