Mealy Bugs Remedy

Mealy Bugs

Mealy Bugs can be controlled by using the following solutions

Solution: 1

Spray Jeevamrutam regularly.

Solution: 2

Step 1:

Take 10 gram Dried pods of Babul tree. ( Karinjaali / Jalee, Acacia Nilotica) (GUM Tree)

Step 2:

Make powder of the pods along with the seeds

Step 3:

Take 1 Liter of water in a vessel and mix the powder in the water thoroughly.

Step 4:

Keep it in shade for 2 hours.

Step 5:

Filter the solution using a cloth.

Step 6:

Mix the filtered solution with 200 liter of water and use it for 1 acre.

Solution: 3

Spray Sour Curd with water regularly.

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