Farm Land Plan

Any Agricultural activity need precise planning. We need to understand thoroughly Water, Soil, Weather, Rainfall & Market to make profit from our Farm Land.

I. Water Availability in the area.
  • Before starting any Agricultural activity check availability of water.
  • Based on this information your agricultural crops and plants change.
II.Check Soil Health
  • Based on Soil quality again your agricultural crops and plants change.
  • Type of Soil.
III. Weather
  • Need to check Weather pattern in this location
IV. Rainfall
  • Based on Rainfall data you can plan Bore well requirement
  • Water Storage Tank
  • Canals
  • Based on Rainfall data Agricultural crops and plants change
V. Market
  •  This is the key for success of your farm.
  • You will know any market for the products you are cultivating.
  • Types of agricultural produce sold.
  • Any near by factories and industries buy agricultural produce.
How To Make Farm Plan
Before start cultivating your land you should do Farm Layout Plan. It includes;-
  1. Land Gradient Survey
  2. Boundary Wall
  3. Water Tank
  4. Drains & Water Line
  5. Electricity
  6. Soil Buds
  7. Types of trees to be grown, Main yielding tree and Secondary Trees.
  8. Main crop and Secondary crop.
  9. Vegetable Crops
  10. Cow, Fish, Chicken, Goat, Sheep farm
  11. Shelter for 7-8 people.
  12. Bore well
  13. Bio gas Plant
  14. Compost chamber


The Below website has some of good Farm Layout Designs to choose. You need to localize to your requirement.

Farm Layout Designs ..

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